Ski With Me Adult and Child Lesson

Ski With Me:  3-5 year old & a Parent  (or other adult)

This is an introductory program to Snow Sports for 3 - 5 year olds and a parent.  This is an opportunity for parents to learn alongside the child.  Our instructors will introduce your child to fun on the snow while also helping you improve your technique and teach you ways you can practice together outside of class. Parents would be taught - how to fit equipment, what to wear, activities off the snow that would compliment snow sports.  Parents would be shown the basics for a child's progression and how to set reasonable expectations.  The primary objective of the lesson would be for the child to have fun and for the parents to learn correct information to help their child on the snow.  After the basic information, the child would learn actual ski/ride maneuvers.  Once the child can make turns and stop, and the instructor feels they are capable, they would be eligible for Snow Monsters, even if they are not old enough, with the parent encouraged to take a lesson while their child is in Snow Monsters.   This is a 2 hour lesson.  Reservation required. 

Ski With Me II:  3-5 year old & a Parent (or other adult)

This would be a program for the more advances students.  The goal of this program would be for both the parent and child to be able to ski/ride a green or blue run at an area as a family. We would be working on the skills needed for both of them along with safety items for the parent.  This is a 2 hour lesson.  Reservation required.  

Ski With Me - 2 hour (Adult with 3-5 year old) - Reservation Required

Available Weekends: 10AM and 2:30 PM

You can now make reservations online. Reservations need to be AT LEAST 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE...if the date is blacked out on the shopping cart calendar, you are too close to the date to process on-line.  Please call Ski school at 816-640-2006 or 2016 to make reservation by phone if you have questions. 

*Ski With Me (Ages 3-5) with one Adult  (Rate for both combined)

*Reservation Required

 Details  $90

* Bring proof of 4 Ski With Me Purchases and get a 5th FREE!  Must be different dates.  (To be used in same season - must be all the same kind of lesson -  reservation is required.)

There are NO Refunds for NO Shows.   If circumstances arise where you cannot make your reservation, call ski school - 640-2006 or 2016, at least 24 hours in advance and they will be happy to reschedule.  If rescheduling is not possible, you will have a Creek Cash Card in the amount of your reservation issued to you for future use at Snow Creek.