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2015/16 Group Tubing

Tubing at Tornado Alley is the perfect group outing, whether coming just to tube, or adding it on to a day of fun on the slopes! Tornado Alley features a 700 foot long tubing slope complete with a conveyor carpet ("Twister") for a convenient ride back up the hill! The rates below are for groups of 15 or more.

Group Tubing Rates & Hours

Please Note: Holiday & special events will have different hours not reflected below. Please check the Calendar if you are visiting during that time. 

Day Hours 2 Hour Session 4 Hour Session
Monday-Wednesday CLOSED $22 per person (all ages) $37 per person (all ages)
Thursday 4:30-9pm $20 per person (all ages) $30 per person (all ages)
Friday 4:30-12am $22 per person (all ages) $37 per person (all ages)
Saturday 10am-12am $22 per person (all ages) $37 per person (all ages)
Sunday 10am-8pm $22 per person (all ages) $37 per person (all ages)
Please Note: Rates above are subject to a 5.6% sales tax. Tax Exempt groups must provide a Tax Exempt letter.

Save up to $13 on Thursdays Off Regular Rates! 

Tube every Thursday (non-holiday) for only $20 for 2 hours, or $30 for 4 hours!  These rates are open to everyone so a group reservation is not necessary; however if you have a large group (20+), let us know ahead of time so we can prepare for your visit.

Group Tubing Info


Please Note: Tubing is affected by extremes. It can be extremely cold, warm or wet in the same day! Please check our Daily Snow Conditions report prior to venturing out & when you get here you are welcome to walk out there and check it out before buying your ticket. There are no refunds due to weather or slope conditions, so check it out before you buy! View our Snow Report for information on daily conditionsand more. Information and rates are subject to change.

Tubing FAQs


Where do I buy a ticket?
Group Tubing tickets are sold inside the main lodge at the Group Sales Window. If you wish, you can walk down to the tube park first and watch to see if the speed of the hill is what you are looking for before you purchase your tickets.

Can more than one person ride in a tube?
We allow one person per tube. We do allow several tubes to "link" together so a parent can hold on to their child's tube or friends can experience the ride together. (The parent should be in the lead tube and the child behind.) ONLY one person to a tube!

Is there an age requirement for tubing?
Snow Creek does not define the age requirement. We expect people to use common sense and good judgment. Remember that only one person is allowed per tube. If you are bringing younger children, the adult should hold on to the child's tube. This is important also to help the child get up at the bottom, out of the tube and walk safely in the right direction to go to the tube lift again.

Can I get a refund if I don't like the conditions?
No - it is up to the person buying the ticket to make an informed decision. Walk over to the tube park - watch the speed - see how it is going before you make your decision. We cannot make that call for you... what we think it slow, you may think is fine...what we think is fast may not be as fast as you think... Conditions change constantly throughout the day. It is best to observe before you buy.

Can I bring my own sled or tube?
No - we do not allow personal sleds or tubes to be used on the tubing runs. The tube rental is included in the cost.

Can I wear hard ski or snowboard boots in the tube park?
No - Hard Ski or Snowboard Boots are dangerous not only for the person wearing them but also for the people that might be hit by them. Soft Snowboard Boots are generally ok to tube with butany typeboot can be refused if the park manager feels it poses a danger.

Does the weather affect the ride?
Yes, the weather can affect the type of ride you get down the lanes, so check the Snow Report and see if the conditions promote slow or fast tubing and take your pick! We also suggest that you walk over to the Tube park and observe for yourself before you buy because as often as the Snow Report is updated for tubing, the conditions can change many more times.

Can I tube longer than 2 hours?
Yes - this season a 4 hour tubing ticket for $43. We still also have the 2 hour ticket. (Tubes must remain in the tubing area; you cannot bring your tube back to the lodge.) If you choose to purchase a 2 hour ticket and then decide to go longer, you would have to purchase another 2 hour ticket - you cannot switch over to a 4 hour ticket. Remember, your 2 or 4 hours begins 15 minutes after you purchase your ticket...that allows you plenty of time to get to the tubing hill and pick up a tube.

Can I take the tube back to the lodge with me?
No - tubes are not allowed out of the designated tubing area.

Can I purchase a Tubing season pass?
No,  We do not offer Tubing passes, but for $20 you can add Tubing to any regular ticket for an ALL Area Ticket.

Do I need to wear special clothing?
Dress according to the weather ans as if you were going sledding. We suggest dressing in layers and waterproof clothing is recommended.