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Field Trips



Snow Creek Field Trips are a great way to keep your students active during the winter months with an educational aspect added to it. Give your students the chance to learn downhill skiing from professional, certified ski school staff. Snow Creek offers both day and afterschool field trip options to grades 4-12.



TICKET TYPE Beginner Area All-Slope
Student (4th-12th grade) $15 $25
Adult Chaperone $17 $27
ADD-ON Options
Helmet Rental $5
Non- Skier Lunch $3


Snow Tubing

Snow Tubing Rates
Student & Chaperone $20
Non-Skier Lunch $3



LUNCH - Each field trip ticket includes lunch: PB&J sandwich, bag of chips, and bottled water. Alternate lunches can be provided due to peanut allergies, however we must be notified at time of reservation.

*Booking Policy* - Snow Creek has limited spots available for field trips and other schools may be turned away for that day due to overbooking. we can usually accommodate a 10% change however if numbers drop below 10% of the total reservation, Schools may be required to pay 90% of their reservations booked. (If you make reservations for 100, but only bring 50, you will be held responsible for paying the beginner rate for 40 more students). Respectively, if your skier count goes over the number provided at reservation and we do not have the capacity for extra skiers, we reserve the right not to serve any skiers over the amount of your original reservations. Please reserve with care.


After your reservation, you will receive a confirmation packet by email (or fax/mail) outlining the details of our trip. The confirmation will also include expectations for both students and chaperones, as well as additional information helpful for your trip. The Snow Creek Group Office will be available anytime throughout the process to assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have.

Helpful Tools (Part of Confirmation Packet)

Personal Food Items: Groups are welcome to bring their personal food and beverage items, however we ask that they be enjoyed outside on our patio. We do no allow coolers or personal food and drink inside the lodge. Thank you for your cooperation!

Snow Boarding is not a part of the field trip. If a student wishes to try snow boarding, they will first have to complete the ski lesson and wait until 11:30am when the slopes open to the public. At that time, they can also purchase a lesson at regular price ($20) to learn snow boarding. We encourage students to stick with skiing during the field trip.


Although every precaution is taken to ensure accuracy, errors or misunderstandings in price, quantity, and/or specifications may occur. We reserve the right to correct such errors.